Mines View Park x Baguio Day 3

By Marky - 6:03 AM

 Day 3 is our Pasalubong day, we went to different places like Mines View Park, SM Baguio, and Good Shepherd to buy pasalubongs to our loved ones. Naks! haha. I've been to Mines View Park like eight or nine time already. Our favorite place to buy pasalubong and take photos. Mines View Park is one colorful destination in Baguio City. It’s located in a cliff where we’ll see a nice view of Baguio City’s mountainous slope and mines. Aside from its scenic view, there’s a variety of things that the visitors can enjoy like posing with traditional costumes, posing with horses and st. bernards. We’ll also find several souvenir shops in this park so expect this place to be very crowded.
 If I can just buy all of these. Green thumb :)

 When in Baguio, one must never go home without buying pasalubong from the Mountain Maid. That is considered a mortal sin. Good Shepherd Convent is in Mines View. The main entrance is along Gibraltar Road and it is within walking distance from the souvenir shops at Mines View Park.

 After buying pasalubong in SM Baguio, we went straight to Secret Garden to have lunch.

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