Minimalist kind of day

By Marky - 3:50 AM

I guess a new outfit post is long time overdue, so here's my new ootd- me again. I'm not sure why but one day I just decided to get back to the basic shirt, chino pants, and mandals combo. This look brings back to my tamad days during my first year as a working boy. 

This is an effortless look which is created using 2 colors and just 3 pieces. My simple maroon Old Navy chino pants paired with a simple Zara black shirt- which is very comfy to wear. Since it's still summer I added some beautiful summery mandals from Hill and Deer. 

Eyeglasses from Manila

Black shirt from Zara

Lacoste Bag

Maroon pants from Old Navy & Hill and Deer mandals

Photographed by Mickey Ongsioco

"Dress minimally, because the world around us is colorful enough"

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