Stripes on the go

By Marky - 5:12 AM

I purchased my first ever Zara sneakers last month and I can not stop wearing them. It's the most comfortable pair of sneakers I own and it works with almost every outfit I put on. The past couple of weeks has definitely been the busiest I've had so far this year. My life has been a series of work, set-up for our new stores in Estancia and series of side projects, all while trying to keep my simple blog updated. 

I also love my new shirt I got from SM youth in time for our VM set up in Estancia. Same as my new sneakers-this shirt allows me to go on the go comfortably, very perfect during set up days. 

Eyeglasses from Manila Shoppe

Shirt from SM youth

Lenovo A7-30

Casio watch plus forever 21 jogger pants

Zara sneakers

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