Will you wear a Jumpsuit?

By Marky - 7:08 AM

Jumpsuits are, without a doubt, a statement style. The head-to-toe, all-in-one garment creates a outstanding look that moves beyond a simple shirt or pants and top combo, and into more fashionable zones. So why then, do men still avoid this trend-worthy style? Well, it isn’t always the easiest piece of clothing to pull off for men.  Choose the wrong fit or add the wrong accessories and your jumpsuit can go from a fashion hero to a fashion zero. The trick to making this look work for you is all in the styling. Check what I’m wearing featuring my Forever 21 Jumpsuit I got months ago. I matched it with my black accessories like my cap, bag, and shoes. Follow this simple style and you’ll be wearing jumpsuits like a style expert in no time. I bet that they’ll even become your new wardrobe staple!

Photographed by Raymond Yuzon

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