Let's Go Boho- Birthday Celebration

By Marky - 5:58 AM

After sharing my birthday celebration at Mind Museum, I’m going to share you now my stay and another birthday celebration at Fraser Place Manila in Makati last December 17. My 27th birthday is a pretty big momentous (HAHAHA) and so it stands to reason that an exceptionally gorgeous party is in order for any person celebrating the memorable affair.  The vintage bohemian theme for me was more on white, light, and perfectly classy. I decided to employ a bohemian revolution style to my event, infusing the décor of vintage colors like, white, green, and brown.
I made my birthday this year quite bongga from those in the past years. It was my second time to celebrate in Fraser hotel together with my HS friends, colleagues, ex-workmates, schoolmates, and loved ones. I couldn't help but think about how blessed I was. I've had 27 years of life behind me with each year having its share of the nice and the bad of course, but when I look at the big picture, I am just so thankful for this life. Thankful for the people I get to celebrate life with- family, friends, workmates, and others that I volunteer with or encounter throughout my day.
Perfect laces with feathers- a DIY by yours truly. Also, the dream catchers from my HS friend, Rosela.
 Thank you all for celebrating my 27th with me.
 In the middle of the night, I hosted a game- Pie Face game.
 Congrats Rjay!
 Best dressed, Gab! Congrats!
 June, Armaine, Kay, Charisma, and Me. Thank you SB! I love you all :)
 Rjay, Me, Kyrby, Junlo, Mickey, Anjo, and Mond. Thank you VMs for coming :) 
 King, Marga, Angel, Milcah, Angelie, Ice, Gerby, and Gab. Thank you my dear designer friends for joining me on my 27th year.  
Mara, Me, and Fred. Thank you my Factset friends plus Rachelle, Mart, Miggy, and Kath!
I missed you guys a lot. Thank you Jez and George! Kayong dalawa lang nakapunta but I'm still happy :)
  Thank you also to my parents who helped me a lot to prepare. I love you both! It was indeed a very special day for me. I enjoyed the party very much and had a great time, because all of my friends were able to join in the fun. But more than that, that day proved to be a special and memorable day for me and my family as well. And with that, we ended the party and I guess the best birthday party I've ever had. Thank you guys for coming! I love you all.
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