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By Marky - 11:24 PM

PHOTO DIARY-For a couple of hours, I was a wide-eyed child again. Seeing and reading about the different kinds of rocks and universe gallery, a full skeletal structure of a tyrannosaurus-rex for the first time in my life brought to mind fragments of my field trip and documentary-viewing memories as a grade school student.
Last December 15 (my birthday), Raymond and I made a visit to The Mind Museum in The Fort and well, I was impressed. From the dazzling colors of The Light Bridge to the Mars Rover in The Majestic Universe, I couldn’t help but feel the happy of discovery and rediscovery. I think this is one of the best birthdays I had, thanks to Raymond for bringing me here.The Mind Museum is comprised of five galleries — Universe, Earth, Atom, Life, and Technology.

Universe Gallery
 The crescent moon.
Earth Gallery
The first T.rex exhibit in the Philippines is named Stan, after Stan Sacrison, who in 1987 discovered the most complete male T.rex skeleton ever unearthed.  It is cast from the real fossils.  
Impressive to behold even for adults, this T-rex display was something else. It was awesome, so much so that I hardly noticed the other exibits in this gallery.
Atom Gallery
The Atom Gallery showcases exhibits about infinitesimal forces and particles. 
Piano key stairs 
 These melodic steps were super fun to walk on. They take you up through the light bridge and into the Universe Gallery.

 Life Gallery
The Human Brain
The Butanding
 Technology Gallery
The Avenue of Life, an escalator taking you up to the second floor and the Technology Gallery. There are screens in the middle of the escalators that show videos about the Earth’s major habitats.
There are few commenters complained that many of the exhibits weren’t working, but I personally didn’t experience any of that. The place looked well-maintained, especially after three years of being open. Most everything still looked new to me. Every screen I watched, every button I pushed, every sensor I set off worked as it should.
Science in the park
 We got our tickets from Metrodeal for Php 450 only. Original price of the ticket is Php 725.
New hair color. Thanks to Bench Fix, Serendra :)
What I'm wearing: Forever 21 coat and shirt, Zara pants, Adidas sneakers, Pull & Bear clutch
Birthday dinner at Niu by Vikings
Thanks for viewing!

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