The Magic of Beginnings

By Marky - 8:28 AM

Uhmm, Wait. Hindi kami yung ikinasal. haha. 
 In the years I have known Dale, I have witnessed how much she loves Jay and vise versa. If you'll just see them together, you'd know why they are indeed perfect for each other. I'm so lucky to have been part of the most beautiful and important part of Dale and Jay's lives. I am so happy for both of them especially to Dale since I have known her since Grade 1. Oh diba. haha. Here are the photos of the wedding and reception.
 My Bestfriend June :)
 Dale & Jay
H.S Friends
What I'm wearing: H&M Blazer & Pants, H&M Green long sleeves, Uniqlo Belt, Bass Loafers, Zara Clutch
 June & Rogie

Congratulations Mr & Mrs. Trayvilla :)

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