How to take good ootds with your iPhone

By Marky - 7:00 AM

I'm not how I used to be when it comes to taking blog photos. I used to always carry my DSLR even if I was going to work or just in case I had a photoshoot for the blog. I got lazy and tired carrying my giant DSLR, so I used my Iphone 6s plus that takes amazing moments of my life plus my ootds. iPhone is the best camera you have with you all the time, and that's why photographers and bloggers often use it to take and share beautiful photos while on shoots. Of course, nothing can beat DSLR for final photos, but increasingly the iPhone is the new polaroid for everything else on the set. Also, add in the power of Instagram!
Here's a quick tip on how to take good iPhone photos and make them Instagram ready: It's all about the lighting and the background. My amazing colleague took these pictures around 3pm when the sun was strong. One of the best things about BGC is how the sun reflects off the high rise building creating one of the best, brightest natural bounces possible. Usually, I like to shoot during the golden hours since the lighting is so pretty and it's the ideal lighting if you're shooting portraits or landscape photos. 
The first thing we did was find the perfect location. You can shoot anywhere that's visually interesting, like what I have on here. Pick a place that's beautiful and not overcrowded. 
Let's talk about my outfit last Wednesday, I love my new shirt banig print I got from one of my favorite local stores, Oxygen. Also, new pieces from other local brands-Penshoppe and Milanos. 
Thanks for viewing. Photographed by Angelie Francisco

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