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Let's face it, we are always looking for an item that is relaxed, timeless, and free; These 3 attributes heavily define an ideal wardrobe should be all about. On the days when I don't know what to wear, basics will always be my best friend. But if you're not so keen on wearing your skinny jeans out once more and are looking for a comfortable yet trendy look, wide leg pants are stylish staple. What I'm sharing you right now are my new items I got from Marks and Spencer.

High waisted wide leg pants can seem particularly challenging for men. haha. Instead of tucking a fitted top, which is a bit boring, try a shrunken shirt. Look for tees that hit just below the waist, giving a casual but still pulled together look. There is nothing more comfortable than relaxed-fitting pant; from slouchy and couch-comfy to timeless and chic. 

Eyeglasses from Manila Shoppe

Shirt and Denim wide leg pants from Marks and Spencer

Clutch from Muji

Watch from Casio. Mandals from Hill and Deer.

Photographed by Ryan Doria. Thanks for viewing.

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