Encore x Rewards and Recognition

By Marky - 9:30 AM

Hey! Before I share our Rewards and Recognition and Encore anniversary photos, let me share first my outfit last Thursday. I used my new sweater I got from Surplus Shop, first item I got from that store. One of the basic for smart casuals is making use of knitwear. Knitwear is a  great way to add some warmth and another dimension to your smart casual looks in bipolar weather. Patterned polo like what I have on here in a traditional hue is a safe option to pair with black sweater. Patterned polos bring personality into a look and can be balanced out with more classic pieces elsewhere if you're concerned about going over the top. Also, loafers work well with this look.
What I'm wearing: Sweater (Surplus Shop), Polo (Wharton), Eyeglasses (LCM), Pants (Uniqlo), Shoes (W.Brown), Watch (Casio), Samsung Case (Metro)

Photographed by Lauren Montoro
Here are some of the photos from our R&R Q4 FY 2014.
Best FLA AM- Pam Sukakim
Best FLA PM- Lionel Joseph

Best RA AM- Marky Bassig
Best RA PM- Kat Centeno

Best QCA- Mart Sio

The One Award AM-Kevin Steinbach

The One Award PM-Miggy Corcuera

Friendship Award AM-Lauren Montoro

Friendship Award PM-Camille Coderon

Awesomeness Award AM-Mack Filio

Awesomeness Award PM-Mauricio Melendez III

Man of the Quarter-Miggy Corcuera

Woman of the Quarter-Irah Arbois

Finally! Before I leave, I was able to get this important award from Capital Structure-DAS. Thank you :)

Singing "Happy" by Pharell Williams during our anniversary concert in Factset. haha.

Grace, Pamela, and Marky.

Thank you Encore! See you again.

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