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Everything about holding on is torturous. Moving On is very hard. You regret, you feel guilty and ashamed, you obsess, you rehash-it's all part of suffering. The only way to feel peace is to quiet the thoughts that threaten it. Letting go opens you up to new possibilities. When you're holding onto something, you're less open to giving and receiving anything else. I may not on that stage already but eventually, I will start accepting what happened and shift my focus from past to the future. 

Wearing black is always a good thing. It's very minimalistic and it makes a strong statement. I find it funny that I keep coming back to wearing black when I keep telling myself to wear colors since it's already summer. I guess wearing black pieces is somewhat my comfort zone. I guess one can never go wrong with black. 

I wore this outfit last Friday. I can't think of anything to wear on that day, So I just used my black basic shirt from Cotton On, I got 2 for Php 800 only. My favorite high waisted jeans from Oxygen, and my comfy sneakers from Cotton On.  Perfect Jeans Day! Thank you to my photographers, Frans Dublin and Mack Filio. 

What I'm Wearing: Cap (NAVA), Necklace (SM Accessories, Forever 21), Black shirt (Cotton On)

Watch (Casio), Studded Bracelet (NAVA)

Bag (Hongkong)

Sneakers (Cotton On)

Lovely workmates. Our weekly mini team building with our new hires. Happy Friday.

"The amount of happiness that you have depends on the amount of freedom you have in your heart"- Thich Nhat Hanh

Thanks for checking. 

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