The Baseball Cap

By Marky - 9:11 AM

I just got back last night from Hongkong. It was a super nice trip with my best friends-Carmela, Kayrel, and Charisma. I'm super excited to share all the travel photos here but let me share first what I wore last Saturday in SoFa before going to airport. As part of our midterm exam, we are told to reinvent old clothing, like a DIY project. Nagandahan ako sa ginawa ko at kasya sa akin. haha. I'll post my complete project soon here. :)

Guess what's new on this outfit?Yes! My Baseball cap.
Baseball caps are sooo in today! Wearing one will instantly boost up your look. It also goes with edgy and sporty trend that's hot this season. I used it with my Forever 21 muscle tee matching with gold spikes bracelet from Trendphile. This baseball cap looks so young and edgy, I love the Black and Gold combination. Thanks to NAVA! 

Thanks for checking :)
Photos by: Jorence Delimos

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