Hongkong 2013: DIY + Walking Tour

By Marky - 10:18 AM

So this is our 2nd day in Hongkong. Woke up at 7am and went directly to Elements mall to pick up our friend-Kayrel. Yey! We're complete! Before some sharing of photos of our walking tour, let me share my outfit of the day. I'm wearing my dad's old royal blue shirt, comfy espadrille, and a cutie beanie.So when I planned my ootds, I promised myself that I'd do my best to create and be more creative in doing DIY projects. So here's the first, An old blue shirt with tie-knot sleeves paired it with old accessories wrapped by old handkerchief. Very creative! hehe

Shorts-Market Market
Espadrille-Sueno de Espadrille

Conduit rd., near our house :)

I hope I can pullout this gown from Alexander McQueen for my Fashion Editorial. hehe

Hello Kayrel!

Cutie Magnets!

Another day to explore, Avenue of Stars, located at Kowloon (near Tsim Sha Tsui) is something like the Chinese version of Hollywood's Walk of Fame. This is one of the famous tourist attractions in Hongkong. It honors Chinese celebrities of film industry. We were there between 1:00-2:00, which is actually not a good idea, because it was extremely hot. Wear comfy clothes!

The famous old clock tower with Charisma, Carmela, and Kayrel.


We took ferry going to the Convention hall. 

Grabe! ang putla ko dito after kong mahilo at magsuka. haha,, Ewww. Sorry. 

Free Coke!

Shopping time!

No size 40 for me :( Soooo sad. 

My favorite dinner :)

Going to H&M

Yes! Ang haba ng pila sa H&M. Kaloka. haha. 

Weeee. Super happy. Up to 50-80% off discount! Great finds :)

Her boyfriend's last name. Ayun, binili naman niya. haha

Our room number. hihihi. Talaga naman Marky! haha

That's all! Thanks for checking.

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