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Besties, or true friends, are hard to come by. By the time you get to your 20s, you’re probably more aware of which friend is for keeps, and which ones you should definitely stay away from. Here’s our quick photoshoot with my best friend, June at Manila American Cemetery. Sa tagal naming nakatira sa Taguig, ngayon lang kami nakapasok dito. Haha. (Sharing you also the beauty of the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial. Check photos below.)

Life does not begin and end with highschool, it goes on far far beyond that. And because life is not always pretty, we need a shoulder to cry on, a smile to laugh with and a friend to always be by our side no matter what. I’m lucky enough to find all of this in my bestie, June.
We don’t have to stay on the phone with each other 24/7. In fact I don’t even see her every day. But every time we catch up, it’s as if we did. She’s the first person I call when I need a hug, when I do something stupid (of course, Love :o) or when I simply just want to share a funny story. And no matter where she is, or what she’s going through, every time I need her, she’s always there. I love you, June! 

What I'm wearing: Uniqlo shirt; Uniqlo jogger pants; Dune loafers, Zara bag, Casio watch
What I do know is that one thing is for sure. No matter what life brings or where it takes us, I’ll always be here to support, laugh, smile, celebrate, and everything else in between, with my bestie. Through small problems or tough ones, I’ll be there with a bouquet of flowers, some hot chocolate and a whole barkada of Seatbackers J
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