Calaguas Island trip

By Marky - 7:41 AM

PHOTO DIARY: The group of islands of Calaguas is so far the best beach getaway for those who prefer a serene beach in Camarines Norte - having a powdery white sand and remotely far from the mainland. Currently, the condition of the the island is rapidly changing due to commercialization. (Parang Boracay).
I know I’ve just done a beach post a few days ago on Facebook & Instagram (but i didn't post it here due to some personal reasons. HAHA), but I just can’t help posting about another new getaway. Summer is here after all, and the only place I want to be in is under the sun, and drenching up each wonderful moment on the island! I took these beautiful photos on my recent trip to Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte. I have to say, Calaguas is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve been to. From the moment we landed to the boat ride to the island, I was amazed by the beautiful picture.
We avail the package promo of Raizen Travel & Tours costs 2,850 pesos each inclusive of the ff:
*Roundtrip airconditioned van tranfers (Manila-Daet-Manila) 
  • *Roundtrip boat ride Vinzon's port- Calaguas Island- Vinzon's port 
  • * 3 Camping meals (Day 1: Lunch, Dinner/ Day 2: Breakfast) 
  • *Camping tent (3-4pax in a tent) 
  • *Group cottage 
  • *Drinking water and cooler with ice 
  • *Sidetrip Bagasbas surf beach 
  • *Permits and Environmental fees 
  • *Driver's and guide's meals and fee 
  • *Toll fees, Parking Fees, and Gasoline 
  • *Service of a tour coordinator/cook 
  • *Travel Insurance 
  • *Taxes & surcharges

Thank you Kuya Raymond and Ate Kat for being our super nice tour guide. The boat ride was two hours long. I repeat, two looooong hours.  If you’re the sea sick type of person, then this trip is not for you. It was a sunny day, I thought the sea would be calm but, NO!,  I was wrong.  The waves were kind of strong for my liking and made me a little bit nervous.

There is a strange and beautiful connection between Calaguas’s waters, the sun, and the wind. I’ve never seen a place as wonderfully interconnected as this! This is my first time to spent my holy week on the beach with my highschool friends.
 After our afternoon nap, we went straight on the upper part of Calaguas. A must try adventure that cost 20 pesos only. I couldn’t believe I was in the presence of such magnificence! Oh yeah. haha.  I really can’t find the right words to describe the infinity and absolute beauty of the place, so I hope one day you will find time to visit too- I promise you won’t regret it!

Sunset might be one of the biggest clichés in photography, but honestly, I will never get tired of capturing that stunning and breathtaking moment. For me, it is a beautiful ending, which reminds me how my day went well or if not, surprisingly, I survived it. With so much positive things that come in my mind whenever I witness such beauty, staring at it for few minutes each day is something I will not get tired of. Hence, every time I go on vacation, particularly in the beach, this view is what I always consider and the truth is, it was only until I visited Calaguas that I saw the perfect sunset that I have always wanted to see.

Thanks for viewing :)

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