The Magic continues

By Marky - 4:49 AM

Way back 1995, Enchanted Kingdom opened its doors to the public. I still remember the excitement I felt when I first stepped the themed park last 1997. I was with my family then, the feeling I felt was just a pure bliss. It was incomparable, my heart was filled with happiness in an instant. Having lived my entire life south of Manila, Enchanted Kingdom has always been part of the options for quick getaways. Good thing recently, I had the chance to go back to the happy place with my workmates- Raymond, Rjay, and Ryan. And the feeling? It was the same feeling I would always remember, It was magical. 

1. Flying Fiesta
Enjoy the wind with flying fiesta!


3. Space Shuttle
I wouldn't mind being "paos" the next day. #juskopo

4. Swan Lake
#nocomment HAHA

5. Wheel of Fate
Appreciate the magical view of Enchanted Kingdom.

6. Roller Skater

7. Jungle Log Jam
Get the feel of sailing in the river. Oooh, Rainbow. #thirdwheeling lol

8. Disc 'o Magic
Breathtaking and Super fun-words to describe this ride that will keep you spinning figuratively and literally. Not my favorite ride, but yes, I would probably ride this again on my next visit. 

9. Pagpag
Inspired by a Filipino horror movie starring 'Kathniel', Pagpag will surely make your heart pound. (Sa una lang. HAHA) This horror house attraction costs Php 75.00

10. Grand Carousel
The look of "hilo". 

11. Air race
Another super fun ride that I would suggest to try is the Air Race. The newest ride and definitely my favorite. It can rotate either 180 or 360 degrees, simulating acrobatic flights. I think the best part of the ride is when you are left hanging upside down. FUN!

13. Dodgem

I would still say that I still enjoy every moment spent at Enchanted Kingdom. That feeling of magic that Enchanted Kingdom gave me when I was kid, would always stay with me. Thanks for viewing

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