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By Marky - 6:30 AM

After our magical trip to Enchanted Kingdom last November 15, I'm going to share you now another field trip this time with my best friends at Manila Ocean Park. I've been to Ocean Park in Hongkong but I've always wanted to see the version here. So last November 21, we celebrated June's birthday there and enjoy sea creatures and etc. 

We availed the 10 in 1 attractions for Php 750 each and the birthday celebrant gets free entrance with three paying companions. Manila Ocean Park is the first oceanarium in the country and it is the largest aquarium facility with a floor area of 8,000 sqm. It is a marine life themed park in which visitors will witness huge varieties of marine cretaures like sea lions, sharks, rays, fishes, etc. An integrated urban resort with aqua themed hotel, the park is geared towards an all year destination for locals and tourists. 

June-the birthday girl and Kayrel

1. All star birdshow
It is a fantastic show for all, highlighting their special skills and unique characteristics plus chance to have an amazing photo op with the birds. 

2. Sea Lion show
Meet the adorable sea lions of South America as they bring valuable information on environmental conservation. Super fun! June was chosen as the lucky guest that day and got to interact with the cutest sea lions. 

Charisma, Kay, Marky, June, and Armaine.

3. Sharks and Rays Encounter
We were fascinated to encounter beautiful sea creatures up close and personal. 

4. Birds of Prey Kingdom
Birds of Prey or raptors are avian predators that use their powerful talons, hooked beakes, and acute sense of sight to hunt and feed on their prey which includes fishes, reptiles, etc.

5. Oceanarium
Next off is Oceanarium. I believe it occupies the biggest area of Manila Ocean Park as this holds the largest marine in the country. It is divided into 5 sections, the Agos, the Laot, Buhay na Karagatan, Bahura, and Ang Kalaliman.

6 & 7.  Fish Spa & Back of the House

8. Jellies exhibit
This area is filled with tanks full of different species of jelly fish. We were utterly astounded by the beauty of this exhibit. The tanks are equipped with lamps that chnage colors. And when the colored lights illuminate the jellyfish, then you're treated to a spectacular underwater dance. 

9. Penguin Talkshow
We really thought the show would really feature cute penguins etc etc. It turned out it was just a sort of interactive kiddie show in an audio visual room. Kaloka!

10. Symphony Evening Show
As to end our Manila Ocean Park experience that day, we watched the Symphony evening show. It is an animated water fountain entertainment, lights with music choreography, and a live performance combined into one show.

The Symphony Evening show ran for around half an hour, comprising of around 5 to 10 different perfomances. 

After our trip to Manila Ocean Park, we went straight to Red Box, Greenbelt to continue June's birthday celebration! Ang dami niyang libre! haha

Our tour around Manila Ocean Park was definitely fun! After experiencing our first oceanarium in Manila, June remarked that it was her best birthday ever (with us). I love you June! haha Thank you for viewing.

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