Moving Forward

By Marky - 6:17 AM

In October 2014 started a love story in a very unexciting way. Okay. I'm alright. I don't want to get into details like who is he, what is he doing. etc. As I said before, I am thankful with every heartbreak. I know they were planned for us to be better.

As months went by as a couple, he could give me less and less of what I needed. Things became strained between us. I was terrible nag, and I see that now. He lacked ambition, and handled things very poorly. Despite everything, I still believe in love..still believe in loving him.  But the problem was that there were just too many things about him that I wanted to change. And as I began to realize that I could never change him and shouldn't have to. I struggled so much with what the right thing to do was. It ate away at me day and night, because honestly couldn't imagine my life without him, And being alone terrified me. It's been joy for me sharing our moments on Facebook and Twitter. But love as a feeling  is never enough. Falling in love is a wonderful thing, while staying in love requires commitment. It takes two; not one; not three, to make relationship work. 

So one day the breakup finally happened. We talked and finally decided that we could never truly work. I can honestly say that the 24 hours after that break up were the toughest of all my life. I ugly-cried those kind of tears that come from somewhere inside you didn't even know existed- a place of fear and sudden awareness that I'm completely alone. 

All we need now is to forgive, accept, and move on. There will be changes. maybe now, were not friends but time can heal everything. As this point of my life, I can say I'm happy. Maybe because of my new inspiration in life. HAHAHA. 

Stop the drama Marky and let's talk about my new outfit of the day. I wanted to share my new sweater from Bench. Yes, I know, It's already summer and I don't care. haha.

Sweater from Bench.

Pants from Oxygen.

Shoes from W. Brown.

Bag from Lacoste and Watch from Casio

Uniqlo belt and Metro eyeglasses.

Photographed by Mickey Ongsioco

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