Acid Wash

By Marky - 8:09 AM

I just want to share my new acid wash jacket from Sm Youth. It's no secret, I love to shop. Many times I just window shop, and I often don't always go through with my purchases, and then sometimes I buy things, only to feel happy during stressful days. My motto is to buy the best you can afford, and yes, this jacket is on sale. I got it half of the original price. Great!

Let's talk about this acid wash jacket. Acid wash needs no introduction, it's a denim that is tone washed in a particular way to create a mottled effect. The marbled effect makes the fabric bolder on dark denim, and more subtle on faded denim. Acid wash denim has been back for a couple of years, but not so "in" at all. Most of the denim washes are black, gray, and blue. You'll find it on jeans, skinnies, and jackets like what I have on here. 

I like acid wash jackets best when they are worn with statement tees, skinnies, and footwear. As much as I love to wear neon or bright colors, there is something about it that is screaming to be paired with neutrals. 

What I'm wearing: Jacket (Sm Youth), Tee (Fudge Rock), Pants (Mango), Bag (Oxygen), Shoes (Cotton On), Watch (Casio), Sunglasses (SM Accessories)

Photographed by Pamela Pauline

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