By Marky - 8:44 AM

This season- fall 2012; Spikes are everywhere. Almost every brand has spikes on their new collection, like on bracelets, tops, necklaces, shorts, leggings, pants, shoes, and even at phone cases. Like WOW!

and Yes I'm blogging again, I really want to share my outfit with Spikes. Edgy and Chic are the best words to describe my outfit. 

It's been a month since I bought this top from Oxygen. I really love the style of the white long sleeves, the cut the fabric, the flow, and all that. haha

I always wanted to wear boots, good thing Golddot has one to offer. This Hydra boots has a unique design, not just a typical boots you have seen from everybody.

                            I love metallic spikes for my accessories and my handmade bag. Amazing :)

Bag- Worms
Connector Ring-Chic
Spikey Bracelet-Trendphile

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