Limbo 2012

By Marky - 8:15 AM

October! Month of Halloween. Last October 26, We (workmates) attended Limbo at NBC Tent, to witness and experience the scariest house this year. Since, it's a holiday we decided to scare ourselves. :) Also, October 26 is the birthday of my super crush in Factset. HAHA. (share.share) 

While waiting, We kept on wondering what's inside and what will happen inside. I'm scared, excited, and nervous all at the same time, good thing i'm with my friends. 

I'm excited to share my outfit I wore last event. I fell in love with this sweater when I first saw it from Lissa Kahayon. I love the colors, it's so refreshing.

My lovely sweater from Fantasia Clothing

I love my Snakeskin Bag I bought last SuperSale Bazaar.

Lovin' the effect of Mara's Camera.

My super accessories
Left: Mantra Bracelets from Wear Mauve
Right: Souvenir Bracelets

Here are some photos with my workmates. I so love the people I'm surrounded by. 

with Carly and Miggy

The whole group :)

Marky and Pamela

Supremo @ Agave Restaurant

I so love this day. Thanks Mara for inviting us ah :)

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