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World Class designer Rajo Laurel collaborates with SM shoe brands Parisian and Milanos to bring two exclusive collections that derives inspiration from the Japanese culture. This  is the 2nd time he collaborated with Parisian.

Sadly, I wasn't able to witness the great event last September 25, 2012 at SMX, though I have an exclusive invite from my friend (Weekday naman kasi. haha) I'm excited to check his newest collection, good thing I save money for this. :)

My Mom is Fan of Parisian shoes, She loves the design and the affordable price. She's also excited to check the wedges and the Japanese prints.

Let's take a look now for RAJOxPARISIAN

The price are ranges from 999-2000. Very Affordable! Here's the complete price (with available colors) for Parisian:

Thank God that Rajo Laurel collaborated with Milanos one of my favorite shoe brands in the philippines. Milanos is also one of the affordable shoes yet amazing design..plus RAJO's design. Love Love

Here are the awesome designs from Milanos.

Price ranges from 1000-2000 :)

Weee. I'm excited to buy a new pair. I really like Kahimi from Parisian (haha.Girl) Shimmering loafers are my fave. Toshi Purple from Milanos is also cool. Waaah

Thanks for checking :)


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