My Top 10 Shoes

By Marky - 7:37 AM

I love checking Shoes online. If I only have a lot money I'll buy these 10 pair of shoes for this season. I'm itching to buy some of them this month. Some are custom made and some from their stores here in the Philippines.

My Top 10 shoes this Fall:

1. ASIANVOGUE- Luxe Shadow

2. FOREVER 21- Shimmering Loafers

3. VIRTUAL MAE- Silver Platform

4. ADIDAS- Jeremy Scott Demin Wings

5. DAS- Killer Shoes

6. GOLDDOT- Dax Booties

7. VI SHOELINE- Half Studded Loafers

8. FASHIONDACCI- Colorful Brogue

9. FASHIONDACCI- Studded Sandals

10. GOLDDOT- Drei Wedges

Whew! I hope some can donate their money :) haha. Thanks for checking Gals <3

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