Flower Power

By Marky - 10:21 PM

Summer is officially over which means rainy days are coming. It may be raining like crazy in Manila but I hope the prints on my outfit still reminds you of summer. Here's what wore on our last team building in La Thalilia, Batangas. 

I really love the floral top from Oxygen. Floral prints are now used for several pieces like socks, shorts, tops, and cap. The floral print has become stylish because it has become subtle. It is also the kind of trend you can incorporate into your everyday wardrobe especially last season. 

What I'm wearing: Top (Oxygen), Sunglasses (SMAccessories), Shorts (Uniqlo), Sandals, (Primadonna), Bag (Oxygen), Watch (Casio). 

With each new year there comes a relative amount of change. Fashion will always be changing and we need to change with it. The floral print is going to, we believe, stay just as toned down but be a crucial part in any outfit. Floral prints will never go out of style. 

Grecian sandals from Primadonna.

Minimalist bag from Oxygen.

Thanks for viewing. Photos by Pam Sukakim.

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