Accessorize it!

By Marky - 7:31 AM


Shopping is soooo Love :)

 I saw this mini store in Market Market (in Front of Maldita), which is selling Full of accessories.
 I bought these accessories because.. 

 My Mama told me, "Bakit hindi ka mahilig sa accessories?" I replied, "Hmm. Scary kaya!"

 I am guilty of buying fierce looking accessories like necklaces and rings in Malls with cheap prices. Pero sino ba naman ayaw ng mura diba? Compare accessories from some famous brands. 
Another thing- some are like allergic in some fancy things. LIKE ME! kaya I'm scared.

 "Bumili ka sa store na pinagbibilhan ko," Mama suggest
 "Okay, I'll Check"

So after 30 Minutes. I got these cute accessories
Peacock.Animal Print.Star.Duck.Aquamarine

Yey! Addition to my Accessories :) cute, Hopefully it will not give any allergies. hehe
Make sure before buying accessories though its cheap it'll not give any problems (skin or any )

Take Care!

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