Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan Day 1: Honda Bay

By Marky - 7:31 AM

SB vacation this December! This was also my Birthday treat to myself. I really wanted to visit one of the beautiful places in the Philippines-Palawan. We arrived at the  airport so early like 7am. I'm with my Super friends since Highschool Neole, Kayrel, and Nikki. Were missing 4 in the group Dimple, Carmela, Charisma, and Armaine.

waiting at NAIA 3

My seatmate-Nikki

Beautiful island from above.

We arrived at Puerto Prinsesa Airport at exactly 9:30 am

Palawan's version of Tricycle. Good for 8 people. Amazing.

Excited to lay down on my bed.

HONDA BAY starts now.

Cowrie Island

Lunch. Chicken Island Barbeque. 

On our way to LULI Island

It's called LULI because when it's a High tide-Lulubog, and Low tide-Lilitaw. haha. 

Fish Feeding and Snorkeling. It's like I'm in a big aquarium. Napagkamalan pa akong malaking isda ng isang foreigner. Super Laughtrip. 

Pambato Reef

Scary to try snorkeling on a 40 feet deep sea. anu daw? Haha. 

Dinner at Kinabuchs. Nikki's treat. Thank you Bax!

I love message in a bottle. Pasalubong :)

Paskuhan sa Kapitolyo.

End of Day 1. Thanks for checking

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